The Painting Camp絵画合宿体験について

“Next Teacher & Student in Daioh ” was launched as a content that combines education and tourism to promote wider recognition of the charm of Nakiri, Daioh Town, Shima City (formerly Shima County) as “Daioh, the Town of Painters” declared in 1996, and to pass on its cultural values to the next generation.

The project was launched as an educational and tourist attraction. Taking advantage of the fact that Nakiri, Daioh-cho has long been a favorite location for many high school art clubs in and outside of Mie Prefecture to hold training camps, this program is an attempt to connect university students who aspire to become art teachers with junior and senior high school students who are interested in painting and have them experience an art training camp.

For the university students playing the role of teachers, this will be a great experience for them to work as art teachers, as they will be able to experience firsthand various tasks such as instructing others to paint, selecting a place to paint, arranging for lunch and drinks, and dealing with changes in weather conditions. For the junior and senior high school students who will play the role of the students, we sincerely hope that this experience will help them think about their own future while further increasing their interest in painting by using authentic painting materials such as easels, canvases, and painting knives, and by experiencing the sensibility of university students of a similar generation.


 The Daioh Executive Committee was established in 1996 as a result of the declaration of “Daioh as a Town of Paintings”, with the members of the former Daioh Tourist Association as its main members.
In 1997, the following year, the 1st Daioh Grand Prize Exhibition was held, and since then the committee has fulfilled its duties for 26 years.

 Since 2023, this executive committee has been established within the general incorporated association Jama Terrace, and will continue its activities to further enhance the value of “Daioh, the town of paintings” in a new guise, while maintaining the history of the past.